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Water Line Repair and Replacement

Water Line Repair and Replacement in New Jersey

Some major plumbing problems can be surprisingly hard to diagnose. One of those is a broken water line. A water line or water main is the main pipe that brings fresh water into your home, while a see]wer line is the line that takes away sewage and other waste water from your home. If there is a break or a leak in either of them, you may notice wet spots or even potholes or sinkholes in your yard, or dampness or wet spots in your home. Another surprising sign of a water leak is if you are experiencing a sudden pest problem; insects, rodents, and other pests are drawn to water sources. However, how can you determine if a wet spot is a sewer line leak, a water line leak, or something else entirely?

Some other signs to look for that can indicate a leak in your water line include low water pressure; an increase in your water bill; the sound of running water or a running water meter when no one is using water; and a change in water quality including foul smells, apparent dirt, or even rusty-looking water. If you notice any of these problems, it can be a sign of a water line leak.

If you suspect a water main leak, you may be putting off calling the plumber because you fear that repairs will be expensive. However, water line repairs are more affordable than ever, as changes in technology make repairs and/or replacement possible without digging a trench to remove the old line and lay another pipe.

How do you know whether you should repair or replace a water line? Water mains last an average of 60 years, so if you have a newer water line, repair may be a much more affordable option, even for the long-term. However, several different factors can impact the lifetime of a water line, including the material of the original pipe, structural shifts in the surrounding ground, use conditions, and whether any corrosive agents have been used in or near the pipes. Generally, water pipes break due to factors like age or the encroachment of roots, which means that replacement is often the ideal long-term solution.

Deciding whether to repair or replace does not have to be stressful. Call AME Plumbing to have your water mains inspected. We will use our in-pipe cameras to inspect for breaks, and show you the results of what we find. Then, we prepare reliable estimates for repair or replacement, as well as providing you the information you need to make an informed decision about the best choice for your household.