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Drain Cleaning Services in New Jersey

We have all been there. We either notice a drain seems to be running more and more slowly, until we are dealing with an undeniable clog or the clog seems to come out of nowhere. Clogs usually happen when they are the least convenient, like when you are expecting company or need to use the plumbing to finish a meal or get ready for work. At AME Plumbing, we cannot make clogged drains any less inconvenient when they occur, but with our inspection and cleaning programs, we can make clogged drains less frequent. In fact, many of our regular maintenance customers are able to completely eliminate having clogged drains, at all.

Clogs can occur in different parts of your plumbing, and the location of the clog can help identify how or why it is happening as well as the best way to unclog the drain. All clogs are based on a combination of waste, debris, and water accumulating in part of a drain line. This can happen in smaller waste water lines or in the main sewer line. They can be due to accumulated debris and slowly get worse over time or due to a sudden event, such as the introduction of something that is too large into a home’s drainage system. If you have ever had a child flush a toy or a piece of clothing down a toilet, then you understand how a sudden blockage can happen. You might notice a block because of something relatively simple like a clogged toilet or stopped up drain or it might make its presence known more dramatically, by causing a sewage backup in your tubs, sinks, or toilets. Smaller clogs can be inconvenient, but might not impact the ability to safely use the plumbing in the rest of the building. Larger clogs or clogs in main lines can render the plumbing not usable until the clog is resolved.

If you are experiencing slow drains or a clog, contact AME Plumbing. Their experienced plumbers will come out and use a variety of techniques to inspect the area, locate the area of the clog, and resolve the clog for you. Drain cleaning may be as simple as breaking up the clog so that it can be flushed through the home’s drain system or the application of certain chemical agents if the clog is due to build-up of minerals in the drain system. AME Plumbing can also perform routine drain maintenance and establish the maintenance schedule that will help keep your building clog-free.

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