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Protect Your Property From Excessive Digging

Have you experienced any of the following: higher-than-usual water bills, foundation movement, running water sounds in walls or fixtures, wet spots near your foundation or slab, or hot spots in your flooring?  If so, you might already suspect a leak in one of your underground pipes.

Worried about calling a plumber because of the anticipated cost, mess, and aggravation of a traditional pipe replacement?  Fortunately, another alternative exists.  Trenchless water pipe repair is a way to replace or repair your underground pipes without tearing up large portions of your yard, without days of inconvenience, and without the expenses associated with a major construction project.

AME Plumbing Heating & Cooling provides professional trenchless water line repair in NJ. Contact our team at to 732-217-7551 get scheduled!

Stopping Leaks

Trenchless water pipe repair allows AME’s plumbers to use a special epoxy to line the interior of your existing pipes, fill any leaks and actually create another pipe similar in construction to the PVC piping used in most newer construction.  The technology for repair is non-invasive, with plumbers accessing the lines through existing access areas.  Using those access areas, plumbers begin by cleaning out the lines, checking their work periodically with cameras that let them thoroughly inspect the pipe’s interior.  These same cameras help them examine the pipe’s interior and identify areas with cracks and leaks.  While epoxy is used for the length of the pipe, areas with existing leaks are given more attention to ensure a water-tight end result.

Underground Pipe

Trenchless water repair is a great alternative for any type of underground pipe, working equally well for freshwater lines and waste/sewer lines.  Placing a new pipe inside of the existing pipe works well in most scenarios, even when the source of the leak is a large disruption like a tree root.  However, it is not right in every situation.  Sometimes, the damage to the existing pipe is too severe to be repaired through that method of trenchless pipe repair, or, especially with older sewer plumbing, the fear is that the resulting pipes would be too narrow.  Another technique, known as pipe bursting, lets us use a special tool to burst the existing pipe at the same time as we install a new pipe in its place. Call on us for trenchless water line repair in NJ.

The Right Approach

The right approach for your repair depends on a number of factors, but the only way to find out where you need to start is to get a plumber out to find the source of your leak.  Contact AME Plumbing Heating & Cooling today at 732-217-7551; we can schedule a consultation where one of our plumbers can locate your leak and give you options and estimates for how to repair it.

Get expert trenchless water line repair in NJ today!

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