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Tips For New Jersey Drain Cleaning Services

The best practice for drain cleaning for maintaining an open, clean drain and avoiding clogs includes a mix of vinegar and baking soda poured on a monthly basis into every sink drain. A cup of baking soda that is poured inside the drain followed up by one cup of hot vinegar and 3 to 4 quarts of scolding water will cause a chemical reaction which pushes sediments down inside the drain trap. Also, baking soda absorbs odors, as well as vinegar’s acidic properties attack some of the dangerous pathogens inside the pipes. The recipe is advantageous for unclogging drains which are also filled with loose debris.

For the majority of clogged drains, the usual household plunger includes the ideal tool for drain cleaning. A plunger that is placed over the drain hole then vigorously pumped multiple times will loosen many clogged drains. However, the plunger requires good suction so the sink stopper inside the drain must be removed, and sink overflow holes inside the basin must be plugged using a wet rag. The basin must be filled with around 2” of water – enough that will cover the plunger and permit good suction.

Drains which refuse to clear using a plunger may have to be cleaned using a cable auger or plumber’s snake. This tool, typically located in home centers, includes a flexible, long steel cable that is wrapped around a hand crank. In order to utilize the cable auger, the drain trap, typically situated inside a cabinet under the sink, has to be removed using a wrench. The auger can be inserted inside the drain pipe that leads to the sewer system and can be spun in a clockwise motion. The narrow-coiled steel cable grasps debris and hair while spinning in the pipe.

A more rigid and larger edition of the plumber’s snake, a special toilet auger, is utilized for clearing drains inside the toilet drain pipes. A toilet auger has a plastic, rigid sheath that covers a part of the cable. While inserted inside the toilet bowl, the sheath will protect the fine porcelain finish from any scratches, whereas the auger twists down the drain. For those issues that cannot be done on your own, call in the professionals with our Drain Cleaning in Freehold company.

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