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Plumbing and Your New Home

Plumbing and Your New Home in New Jersey

When buying a new home the last thing you are thinking about is the plumbing, so you have moved into your new home and are ready to start your new life, when in the middle of the night you find that there is water all over the bathroom floor. That’s when you call Sewer Line Repair located in Jackson, NJ no matter what time day or night, they are here for you 24 hours a day.

The Dog is Wet, Call the Plumber

What a way to start the day, your just getting ready to leave for work and you hear “Honey call the Plumber, the dog just came in from the yard soaking wet and it’s not even raining”! When you find water in your yard and are not sure where it is coming from, you call Sewer Line Repair located in Jackson, NJ to get the job done right the first time. With their TV Video Pipe Inspector system they are able to find the problem and dig in the right spot, not like in the old days when plumbers had to dig up the whole yard just to find the leak.

When Flushing is just not good enough anymore

When you’re flushing and flushing the toilet, but still nothing is going down the drain, that’s when you know you need help from a plumber with a TV Video Pipe Inspector. With close circuit television and the latest diagnostic equipment, they are able to quickly pinpoint what the problem is and how to fix it.

Treating you like Family

The good old Sunday dinner with family is a time when you come together to eat and enjoy each others company, so the last thing you need is a leaky faucet when you are trying to get the food ready. At Sewer Line Repair located in Jackson, NJ they know all about family, they have been a family run professional plumbing business with over 15 years experience. They will treat you just like family.

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