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HVAC Safety Tips for Homeowners

HVAC Safety Tips for New Jersey Homeowners

Your heating and cooling system is one of those parts of the house that, once it’s running…that’s it right?

If you’ve ended up here, it means that you are thinking about that very question.

While your house is designed to be pretty safe, maybe there’s something off about your HVAC system that you want to investigate. Here are some HVAC safety tips for you when inspecting your system.

Common Safety Tips

Some issues you as a homeowner will come across are more common than others. And while they’re common, it might seem like they’re so obvious everyone should already know that.

But even experts know it’s best to run through common fixes. Why else would an IT professional ask if you have tried turning your computer off and on before trying anything else?

One common issue is a loose connection at the expansion and contraction point of heat pumps. These loose connections can cause electrical fires.

Another common issue is a blocked, faulty, or poorly located boiler pressure release valve, so check on those.

The last common issue is faulty pilot lights and heat exchanger leaks related to your furnace which may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Simple Safety Tips

Past the common tips that everyone could miss, are the quick and easy tips that every homeowner could do for HVAC safety.

Smoke detectors are number one. Make sure they are installed and make sure they work.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas and occurs when there is not enough oxygen circulating in a closed space to make regular carbon dioxide that we exhale. A working detector may be the only way to keep yourself safe in the event of a carbon monoxide problem. Install detectors throughout your home, check batteries monthly, and change them about once a year.

Other simple HVAC safety tips include cleaning your air filter. Clogged air filters can easily cause a carbon monoxide leak. Check filters often and clean or replace them at least every three months.

Perhaps the last and simplest HVAC safety tip for homeowners is to schedule professional maintenance annually. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place to schedule!

Schedule a Professional

You’re smart, you probably already checked everything and it’s good. But what about the tips only a professional can give you in person? Well, let us help you! We are professional plumbers servicing Monmouth and Ocean County! Please feel free to call us at 732-785-4226 to schedule an HVAC inspection today!