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Drain Cleaning Services in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Drain Cleaning Services in Monmouth County, NJ

Dealing with a shower, bathtub, sink or toilet that won’t drain properly can be extremely frustrating, in addition to a bit gross. While everyday drain cleaners like Drano or tools like a plunger might clear part of a clog and even alleviate the frustration for a short while, they will not completely clear a pipe, particularly deeper sections of a pipe, and will not provide a permanent solution to your problem. When a significant build-up has formed in your plumbing system, you need the tools and know-how of a professional in order to truly fix the problem and get lasting results.

Why is my drain clogging?

Usually you will notice that your drain is not functioning properly before it is completely clogged, with water backing up in the sink or tub basin. And often we ignore these warning signs as it’s easiest to just not deal with it if the problem is still “manageable.” This is how larger issues are created. Not only will this clog not clear itself, but if you continue with the behaviors that are causing the build-up in the first place, or do not address any other root cause of the problem, it will only get worse. Common causes of clogs in a drain include:

  • Build up of grease, fat, soap scum or other sediment
  • Rust or corrosion of pipes
  • Hair, soap or other debris lodged in pipes
  • Blocked overflow tubes
  • Pipe misalignment or drain vent issues

I’ve snaked my drain, why do I still have water flow problems?

Sometimes clogs occur deep in your plumbing system and this blockage can affect multiple drains or even the plumbing of an entire home. These could be caused by gradual build of sediment or other debris, or the one-time flushing of a solid object that is now lodged in a pipe deep in your system and causing issues for your entire home. Professional technicians like ours at AME plumbing are trained to precisely diagnose and eliminate these sorts of problems.

Why hire a professional service to clean my drains?

As noted above, there are many products on the market sold to “clear drains” and many reasons people choose to use them, including the idea that it’s just an “easier” fix. The reality is, however, that these products don’t really “fix” anything. They merely buy you some more time, or push the problem further down your plumbing system, where it’s liable to cause another backup and possibly a greater problem than you originally faced.

For these reasons, the truly “easier” solution is to call a friendly, trusted drain cleaning service that can take a comprehensive look at your plumbing issues and provide a solution that permanently clears your pipes to ensure water flows uninterrupted. In working with a professional you eliminate the need to worry about unseen buildups, or the severity of mounting buildups, that might be causing damage to your pipes or other potentially expensive issues.