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Deciding Between Sewer Line Repair and New Sewer Line Install

Deciding Between Sewer Line Repair and New Sewer Line Install in New Jersey

Problems with one’s sewer line can cause property damage and certain health hazards. Homeowners who’ve been told by plumbers that they need to fix sewer problems often find themselves trying to decide between sewer line repair in New Jersey or new sewer line installation. Sewer specialists can help people make the best choice, but here are some things every homeowner should know about their options.

Why Sewer Line Repair Isn’t Always the Best Choice

Sewer repairs might be less expensive, but that doesn’t mean they’re always the better route to take. The condition of the pipe, as well as its age, are two factors that homeowners need to consider.

Trenchless sewer repair options such as pipe relining can fix holes and cracks in plastic, clay, and cast iron pipes, but only if the sewer line is mostly intact. If the sewer pipe has deteriorated considerably, there won’t be enough of the pipe available for relining repairs to be made. In a case like this, a new sewer line install in New Jersey should be considered.

Modern Technology Makes Sewer Installation Easier and More Affordable

No one wants to hear from their plumber that they recommend sewer line replacement. After all, isn’t sewer line replacement expensive? Well, it’s not the cheapest plumbing repair but sometimes it’s necessary.

Having a working sewer system is important because it lowers the risk of drainage issues and keeps harmful sewer gasses and raw sewage from backing up into one’s home. Putting sewer line install in New Jersey off for too long can lead to even more expensive problems. The good news is that modern technology and advances in the plumbing industry have made it easier and more affordable to replace damaged sewer pipes.

Today, plumbers use a method called pipe bursting to install new sewer lines. This method doesn’t require an open trench. Instead, sewer specialists only need to dig two access points, one to insert a bursting head to break up the existing pipe and one to pull the new pipe into place.

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