Water Main Repair NJ

Water Main Repair in Monmouth and Ocean County NJ

Most plumbing problems have to do with getting water out of your house- clogged drains and sewer lines can create serious hassle and inconvenience. However, there are few plumbing problems with the potential for as much destruction or inconvenience as a broken water main. We offer services aimed at properly maintaining your water main to prevent future problems and we offer repair and replacement of existing water mains.
The water main is the main pipe connecting a home to the public water supply. It generally is going to run from somewhere in the street or other public-access area, like an easement, to the home. The water main is completely underground, and, unlike plumbing problems in the home can be very difficult to detect. That is why homeowners need to be aware of potential signs of a water main problem.

Water Main Repair NJ

Have you experienced an unexpected increase in water usage? You should have some idea of how much water your family needs and aware of any special uses (filling up a swimming pool, a house full of houseguests, a lack of rain resulting in more frequent watering of the yard) that would increase that usage. It is also important to keep in mind that usage may vary tremendously by season. Is your usage the same as it was last year at the same time, and, if not, is there an explanation for any change? If the answer to either of those questions is no, it’s time to have an expert check out your water main.

Is your ground soggy? Another big warning sign of water main problems is an area of squishy ground or unexplained standing water in your yard. Leaks from a water main can cause localized flooding.

Do you live in an older home or are you unsure of the age of your plumbing system? Fixing the damage from a burst water main can be tremendously expensive. Give yourself peace of mind by having one of our professionals examine your water main and fix any minor problems before they develop into major ones. We offer prompt and reliable service to customers in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, and we would be happy to take a look at your existing system.