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Water Line Replacement in Monmouth County and Ocean County NJ

Do you think you have a broken water line? Is your water bill higher than you have anticipated? Do you hear an odd sound, often described as either rumbling or hissing, near the point where the pipe enters the home? Can you hear the sound of running water when water is not in use in your home? Are you experiencing a loss in water pressure? Do you have a soggy area in your yard or have you noticed a stream of water? If so, these are all signs of a possible water main break.

Water line break for a variety of reasons, though the main reason for breakage is simply wear and tear and old age. While the average water main lasts 60 years, some may have a shorter life span because of poor installation, lower quality goods used initially, shifts in the earth, or other factors. For example, copper water pipes are particularly vulnerable to a process known as electrolysis, which occurs when a direct current electrical leak occurs underground and impacts the pipes.

Because water lines or water mains tend to break because of age or problems with a high potential of recurrence, they are one plumbing part that is often replaced rather than repaired, because aging is expected to impact other parts of the line and the cost of multiple repairs can quickly exceed the cost of replacement. At AME, we will not only tell you where your water main is broken, but also help you figure out the cause of the break, the likely of recurrence, and the most economical option for repair or replacement.

This is especially important because, while water mains do not have the risk of sewage backup one experiences with a broker sewer line, they can cause serious problems. A broken water main can result in flooding, including mud-flooding in the home, and, underground water from a broken water main can cause surface subsidence problems that can actually threaten streets and the integrity of structures.

AME Plumbing Heating & Cooling not only fixes and replaces broken water mains; we also provide inspection and maintenance services. Many of our gorgeous New Jersey homes are older. If you live in an older home and are unsure whether your water main is original or has been replaced, we can inspect your line, fix minor problems before they develop into major problems, and let you know whether your system is in need of an upgrade. We are the professionals for water line replacement in NJ.

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