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TV Video Pipe Inspections

Knowing that you have a problem with your plumbing is very different from knowing what the problem is with your plumbing. Because most pipes are underground, detecting where the problem is was once an expensive and difficult proposition that could have involved exploratory digging. This exploration was not only costly, it could also be very damaging, especially to some of the older or historic properties in areas like Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Fortunately, technological advances have made it possible to diagnose plumbing problems without the exploratory digging and guesswork that was one common-place.

We use TV video pipe inspection to inspect your pipes and look for problems. What does that mean for you as a customer? Well, we use closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras to transmit a signal from our cameras to our diagnostic equipment, so that we can visually inspect your pipes through our cameras. Our equipment also allows to manipulate the cameras and look around the surface of the pipe, allowing us to inspect the smaller pipes used in residential plumbing, but also allowing us to expand our search capabilities and examine larger pipes. We can then give you, not only a video of our inspection, but also an analysis of our findings.


TV Video Pipe Inspection NJ

Why do you need an analysis? Cameras can offer an inside-out view of plumbing problems, but some of those problems may not be readily apparent to the untrained eye. A blockage is something most people can see or identify. However, it can be more difficult to diagnose an offset or leaking joint, cracked or broken tiles, or a bellied or sunken line. Fortunately, the diagnostic software we use knows what to look for to examine problem areas and still gives us the ability to input parameters specific to your plumbing situation. The combination of the video visual and the diagnostic analysis provided by our experts with the aid of the latest software provides confidence that the problem has been identified and the appropriate solutions are being discussed.

Video pipe inspection is not limited to providing moving images of the problem area, either. Sometimes it is important to study still images in order to fully understand an issue. Our cameras allow for video picture capture, which can provide still images for examination and diagnosis. If you live in Ocean or Monmouth Counties and you have a plumbing problem that has you stumped, give us a call and try our TV video pipe inspection!