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What’s Causing Your Leak?

Death, taxes, and leaky pipes. All of these are inevitabilities that everyone must face. While there’s little doubt that the first two are unavoidable, you may subscribe to the same belief that many of those that come to AME Plumbing Heating & Cooling adhere to in that leaky pipes can be easily avoided if you simply adopt a few simple practices around your home or office. Yet the sad truth is that almost everyone will have to experience calling in their local plumber in Toms River, NJ to inspect their plumbing system at some point. Call us at 732-353-1708 for assistance.

Water May Be the Culprit

If you truly dedicate yourself to keeping your drains clear of any debris, how can still end up with cracked or leaky pipes? While wear and tear over time could certainly be a contributing factor, a much more common yet less-obvious culprit may be the water running through the lines themselves, Here are just a few ways that water can cause your pipes to break down:

  • Acidity: The copper pipes that are so often used in plumbing systems are built to carry water whose acidity lies on the higher, more basic, or alkaline side of the pH scale. Yet when subjected to constant exposure to water with pH levels lower than 8, your copper pipes can slowly corrode away, leading to leaks and/or possibly complete breaks.
  • Oxidation: The water in your home is constantly being resupplied with fresh, oxygen-rich water. If you’ve ever seen rusting metal in a junkyard, that same water is having the same effect on the pipes in your home.
  • Temperature: A plumber in Toms River, NJ may suggest turning up the temperature on your water heater to lower the oxygen content in your home’s water. While this does serve to lower O2 content, it also has the undesired effect of accelerating any oxidation that’s already happening in your home’s plumbing system.

As any plumber in Toms River, NJ will tell you, there are countless problems outside of the most obvious ones that can lead to plumbing issues. Yet no matter what the nature of your plumbing problem may be, your need to act quickly to address it is the same in any situation. To avoid doing so could lead to a much more serious and costly problem. On the other, fixing the issue promptly ensures your and your family’s continued comfort. Call AME Plumbing Heating & Cooling at 732-353-1708 for assistance.

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