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Sewer Line Cleaning NJ

Sewer Line Cleaning in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ

A well-working sewer line may not be on your mind – until it breaks! Whether clogged, frozen, cracked, or broken, a damaged sewer line can quickly bring your home or business crashing to a halt. AME Plumbing Heating & Cooling can help you get your Monmouth or Ocean County home or business back in business promptly, through our sewer line cleaning and repair services. What causes sewer lines to stop working? Well, lots of things can cause problems in a sewer line, but the three most common culprits are collapsed lines, blockages, and invasive roots.

Both Ocean and Monmouth County have a lot of beautiful older homes. Older homes tend to mean older plumbing systems with older sewer systems. Many of these homes were built with sturdy cast-iron pipes. While tough, these pipes can crack or buckle, due to weight, shifting land, and degradation over time. A collapsed or crushed line may allow for some water to pass, but is an easy place for debris to collect, making it a high-risk place for blockages from foreign bodies. Call 732-217-7551 to get started with sewer line cleaning in Monmouth & Ocean County, NJ.

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Foreign body blockages can be hard to predict. If it will fit in a toilet bowl, there is a good chance, we have found it in a sewer line, and you might be surprised what all can fit in a toilet bowl. If your sewer line problem seems to have come on suddenly and without any warning, there’s a good chance there is a foreign body in the sewer. Using our cameras, we can detect what is causing the blockage, and, depending on what it is, recommend a course of treatment.

Finally, we get to the root of the problem. The vast majority of sewer line problems are caused by tree roots. Tree roots seek out water. Even fully-sealed sewer lines with no leaks at joints or seals create warm air and moisture that attract tree roots. Those roots then seek to invade a line, and, once they can get into a sewer line, they grow, fed by not just the water but also the nutrients in the waste. All pipes are vulnerable to potential root invasion, but clay tile pipes, which were used in a lot of older home construction, are particularly vulnerable. If your drains appear to be running slowly or your pipes are making gurgling noises, contact us at 732-217-7551 to schedule a thorough cleaning and inspection of your sewer system, before it develops into a serious problem. Count on our team at AME Plumbing Heating & Cooling to get the job done right!

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