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Plumbing problems come in two main varieties: leaks and blockages. Generally, leaks occur when there is some type of opening in the water supply line, so that water escapes from the line. These openings can be the result of cracked pipes, loose joints or valves, or worn out faucets. Many of these leaks are the result of normal wear and tear and are to be expected as a home ages. However, the tricky thing with leaks is that most pipes are not exposed.

Oftentimes a property owner does not see the leak, itself, but, instead, sees signs of the leak. Depending on the location of the leak, these signs can include damp or wet spots in the yard, wet or soggy walls, unexplained puddles or water, or even just the moldy/musty smell of damp in a room. Left untreated, leaks can cause significant damage and can even lead to an environment where mold, including toxic mold, can grow, putting your family’s health and safety at risk. However, homeowners may find themselves faced with a puzzle when they notice signs indicating a leak; they may not be able to detect the source of the water, much less be able to fix the problem.

Sewage problems are generally going to be blockages, where waste, debris, and water scale in a line accumulate to either slow or block the flow of waste water from the home. Blockage can make their presence known in a variety of ways. Local blockages may be revealed in stopped-up toilets or in sinks or tubs that refuse to drain. Main-drain blockages may go undetected until that moment when many of the drains in the house begin to back-up simultaneously. Depending on the size of the house and the number of toilets, sinks, and tubs, a blockage in one area may not be an emergency, but main line blockages can be emergencies, not only because they render the home’s water supply unusable, but also because of the risk of sewage backing up into the home.

Other plumbing problems are so subtle that they do not leave any physical clues for the homeowner. For example, a leak in the home’s water main may lead to a noticeable increase in a family’s water bill, but have no other signs.Whatever your plumbing repair challenge, AME’s group of professional NJ plumbers is ready to detect, diagnose and remedy the problem.


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Plumbing Repair Services NJ

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