Heating & Cooling Services

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, a well-running heating and cooling system is essential. Yet, many people are unaware that the heating and cooling system does more than just keep a house hot or cold. It also plays a role in promoting better air quality by providing ventilation that reduces the growth of mold and the spread of airborne allergens. Although heating and cooling systems are complicated appliances that involve many different components, professional inspections and proper maintenance of your unit will allow it to function at optimum capacity.

Ideally, your heating and cooling system should be inspected prior to starting it up at the beginning of each season, and you should always be alert for signs that your unit needs repairs between routine scheduled maintenance. For example, we provide professional services to detect and repair the underlying causes of common problems, such as rapid cycling or inefficient heating and cooling. Our professional technicians can also detect refrigerant leaks and boost the system as needed. At AME, we believe that identifying and correcting minor problems early on is the best way to help you avoid heating and cooling emergencies that require more serious repairs.

If a problem is detected, you can expect us to give you all of your options without trying to sell you on the most expensive option. Instead, we try to preserve the longevity of your current heating and cooling system through professional repairs combined with customer education, such as showing you how to change out the air filters as part of the routine maintenance. Often, just replacing a belt or lubricating the bearings will keep your unit functioning throughout the seasons.

In some cases, heating and cooling problems become emergencies. Gas furnaces require special care, and our technicians can inform you of the proper steps to take if you notice a problem with your unit, such as a pilot light that will not stay lit. Additionally, issues such as a clog in the drainage system of your unit can lead to water leaks that require immediate attention to prevent water damage. For this reason, our crew is ready to assist you at any time of day or night with your heating or cooling emergency so that you can protect your family and property from harm.

When your heating and cooling system does require replacement, we can help you make sure you are getting the right-sized unit for your property installed so that you enjoy greater energy-efficiency along with a more comfortable environment. We also offer professional heating and cooling installation services that ensure your new unit is installed following all of the recommended standards for achieving peak efficiency.

Whether you need to schedule for routine maintenance or are struggling with a heating and cooling emergency, our crew of professional New Jersey heating and cooling technicians is always ready to provide you with prompt services that keep your unit in top condition. Contact us with your heating, ventilation, and cooling needs today.