Cooling Services

Whether you own a commercial or residential property, you rely on the heating and cooling system to provide the building with cool, clean air that promotes a more comfortable environment. Keeping your system properly maintained is essential for preventing many of the most common problems that occur with heating and cooling systems. Our professional cooling services include seasonal inspections to check for minor issues that can be repaired before they affect other components. Often, all a system needs is to be thoroughly cleaned or lubricated to survive another season.

Heating and cooling systems can also generate an array of troubling symptoms that take a professional approach to find the underlying cause. For instance, a clogged air filter could cause inefficient cooling, or an issue deeper within the system, such as a broken blower fan. It is also possible for a building to have the wrong-sized system for the square footage, and this can cause the system to work overtime to cool every room. Our professional heating and cooling technicians are trained to look at the entire system so that they can trace the problem to its true source. This allows you to avoid paying for unnecessary repairs that do not correct the real problem. Instead, you can trust that your service visit will get your cooling system back to working properly the first time.

Cooling a building requires a delicate balance between the ventilation and cooling parts of the system. At times, one part of this system can cause the other part to fail. For instance, a clogged air filter may make it impossible for enough air to flow over the condenser coils. Additionally, moisture in the unit can cause the evaporator to freeze up or mold growth to occur within the ducts. When we find a problem that could be related to another part of the unit, we keep inspecting the system to make sure that all of the issues are repaired.

In addition to failing to beat the heat, an improperly functioning cooling system also creates unhealthy working and living conditions. Constantly fluctuating temperatures create an environment that fosters the spread of bacteria and viruses, and leaks within the system can lead to hazardous water damage that promotes mold growth. Because of the important role that a heating and cooling system plays in cooling and regulating moisture in the air, keeping the unit running properly is an urgent matter.

Cooling your building does more than just make people comfortable, it protects their health. From showing you how to change the air filters to replacing a faulty heating and cooling system, our team of professionals can perform any service you need to maintain the air quality in your residential or commercial building. Contact us today to make sure that your system is in top condition before the next season.